• Competition – OSB 2030

    OFF GRID 2030 At Annabel Brown Architect, one of the projects I worked on was a submission for Sterling OSB’s yearly competition; in which they present a theme to respond to, and the entrants must use Stirling OSB as the primary material to respond to said theme. In 2021 the theme was ‘off grid living’…

    Competition – OSB 2030
  • Competition – Neighbourhoods for Generations

    “Car” Parks Along with my regular work at Annabel Brown Architect, we also participate in competitions to keep our creative minds fresh. A competition we entered in 2023 was for a Copenhagen based social housing entry, “neighbourhoods for Generations.” The brief was open ended, calling for applicants from across industries l to publish ideas on…

    Competition – Neighbourhoods for Generations
  • Competition – Work from home

    Tower thoughts During the height of Lockdowns in the UK, while working at Annabel Brown Architect, I participated in a competition that looked at working from home. The competition brief was simple; reimagine what working from home can mean through a single image. During this time, architects such as us where coming to grips with…

    Competition – Work from home