Competition – Work from home

Tower thoughts

During the height of Lockdowns in the UK, while working at Annabel Brown Architect, I participated in a competition that looked at working from home. The competition brief was simple; reimagine what working from home can mean through a single image.

During this time, architects such as us where coming to grips with the idea of working from home for the first time. The challenges this created, new distractions and new problems.

Our response to the brief : A tower coming out of your home, with an office at the top. Its simple in principle but has some deeper meaning. A tower, so that your workspace can be as far as possible from your home, a sperate space. (many people were finding it challenging to have a workspace within the home, its harder to separate work from personal life) You must climb a ladder to reach the top, put in some effort to get to your workspace, much like a commute but far more condensed. The climb acts as a ritual that prepares your mind for the working day ahead. Because the workspace is far from home, distractions are harder to come by -no pesky offspring can reach you here!

My role was to help conjure the concept, and I was responsible for the hand drawing of the tower.

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