Psychedelic Architecture

and ‘spaces’ of the subconscious

An article discussing how the psychedelic experience may be represented through architecture


During my time at the university of Greenwich, I explored many different architectural themes, topics and narratives, From urban farming to shopping addiction. During my final year, I focused on the theme of ‘psychedelic architecture’, inspired by the ‘psychedelic renaissance‘ that we currently seem to find ourselves in. I spent my final year exploring the Eleusinian mysteries, more detail on that part of my work can be found here: Background

I took one of my final drawings (The Great Hall) and have been expanding it, adding an equally sized piece to the lower portion of the original drawing as seen below;

My adding to this drawing did not have any obvious reason or goal. I simply felt the original drawing was incomplete, and did not fully show the message I was trying to convey, moreover, I did not yet fully understand the message/meaning I was even trying to draw. My adding to this drawing is as much a method of communication as a method of working through an idea or concept.

Thanks for reading, This article is a work in progress, so check back for updates…

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