The infinite drawing

Hello, After completing my university projects, I was not content with where my project and drawings finished, and so I decided to expand my concept, and add to my existing drawing below;

The plan:

Below is a diagram showing the plan for the additional drawing, Yellow shows the completed original drawing or ’00’, the green shows phase A, which encompasses 6 new drawings forming around the original. The red lines show the extended perspective lines and how they factor into the rest of the drawing. The pink shows Phase B, which is a further expansion of 12 more drawings. This process can be continued exponentially.

I am currently working on drawing 01 (directly below 00) and will be posting my progress here.

Progress is much slower than I anticipated, however, I continue to understand this drawing progressively more. I feel this is turning into a stream of my own consciousness. As I learn new things, have new experiences, even play new video games, I add this into each new part of the drawing, it is almost a translation of experience. I can point to elements of the drawing and remember what influenced me to draw what I did, the drawing is becoming a diary of sorts.

Watch this space for future updates!

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